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Application Of Natural Plant Extracts In Fragrances

March 16, 2022

With the progress of the society, the development of science and technology and the progress of the level of life, people's pursuit of nature, the pursuit of green, the pursuit of health and safety awareness is increasingly strengthened, cosmetics is no longer a small group of people's waste products, its has become People's Daily life can not be poor composition one-sided, this is the period of development is bound to. From this come, the makeup of green and achievement sex is loved more and more by people, follow plant extract to use in makeup more and more broad, the variety that USES also is more and more. Compared with ancient cosmetics, the cosmetics made with plant extract as active ingredient have many advantages, such as: overcome the disadvantages of ancient cosmetics attached to chemical products, so that the product's safety function is higher; Natural components are more easily absorbed by the skin, so that the effect of the product is more significant; More productive, etc. Therefore, plant extracts used in cosmetics is the environmental trend is bound to develop the trend.



Plant extracts have many obvious advantages: wide sources and targeted effect mechanism. Especially with the contemporary extraction technology and analysis of the progress of the technology, the results of the composition and correlation effect mechanism has been gradually discovered and proved, in the sun, whitening, anti-aging, sterilization and other aspects of significant curative effect, can be widely used in all kinds of cosmetics. Is, the application of plant extracts to cosmetic outlook the vast, the author from the plant extracts in cosmetics, skin care cosmetic, clean aromatization with make-up and hair with cosmetic held four aspects of the application must be reviewed, in order to plant extracts a targeted in the difference between example cosmetic use to provide the reference.



In the use of cosmetics in the use of cosmetics we are most familiar with the aromatic products is perfume, it is widely used in our lives. The fragrance of spices not only realized people's pursuit of beauty, but also had a very nervous impact on people's physiology and physiology. The useful components of aroma in aromatic plant extracts can influence the peripheral system of the brain and affect the mood, inner behavior and image power of people.



1. lavender extract: Lavender is a commonly used spice, it has a number of varieties, the Mediterranean producer is the best. The aroma of lavender extracts significantly affected the permeability of neurotransmitter serotonin at the left and right brain sutures, while the levels of this serotonin were low in patients with depression and insomnia. Lavender is just by speeding up the penetration of this substance to ease mood, lure sleep, average and regulate a variety of symptoms

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2. Rosemary extract, rosemary alias tansy, important results for the convergence and the oxidation resistance and the oxidation resistance of matter into into the sage of phenol, sage, rosemary acid phenol, ursolic acid, rosemary extract the useful components such as incense 3 fine chemicals chemistry course work and natural organic fat has a strong affinity, is often made coagulate fat fat and organic links. Rosemary essential oil is a liquid oil made up of more than 30 volatile substances. The important sensitivity of the aroma of rosemary extract in the areas of walnut and hippocampus is a result of the improvement of attention and imaging power of rosemary. Experimental results showed that the aroma of rosemary and lemongrass had positive effects on the happiness of promotion and the desire of livelihood in depressed mice.

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3. Rose extract: Rose essential oil is composed of volatile low molecular weight substances. Its essential ingredient is lemongrass. Fragrant smell, known as "natural plant essential oil after", widely used as a beauty, body and perfume cosmetic flavoring agent. After the natural fragrance of rose essential oil enters the brain by the olfactory nerve, can stimulate the brain front leaf to permeate out endorphin and endorphin tide 2 kinds of hormones, make the energy appear the most comfortable condition, can make the woman to produce the positive feeling positively to oneself. Rose essential oil has good permeability and configuration. The aim of inhibiting the activity of oxygen free radicals and controlling the oxidation of tyrosinase can be achieved by simply inducing the feedback of various innovation of skin cells, strengthening the squeezing out of cytotoxin, activating the regenerative talent of cells and enhancing the blood flow. After natural fragrant rose essential oil into the human body, can adjust the osmotic organs, excited er of infiltration, energy pleasure, satisfaction, not only to sponsor people from frustrated, pressing, back tension, of its mood, also has sponsored to the heart and digestive system, let people get a good biological and physiological manners in 3.4 the jasmine extract: jasmine essential oil is known as the "king of the essential oil", about 8 million jasmine extract 1 kg of brilliant essential oil. Its essential chemical components are gangrene, linalool, phenylmethyl alcohol and jasmonone, etc. Jasmine essential oil is a kind of reddish-brown thick liquid, belonging to woody family essential oil, with sweet taste, exotic and elegant smell. It is a useful remedy for stress suppression. The scent of jasmine essential oil can soothe the blues, soothe the nerves and establish a feeling of pride, resilience and cheerfulness. In steam therapy, jasmine oil can be used to treat addictions, boost energy, soothe nerves and coughs, excite relaxation and relieve tension. In addition, jasmine essential oil is also suitable for dry, oily, irritant and sensitive skin to increase skin elasticity and make skin feel soft. There are many kinds of plant essential oils used in perfume cosmetics, such as vanilla oil, citrus oil, laurel oil, leaf oil, coriander oil, atractylode oil and peppermint oil.

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