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Canada plans to revise the maximum residue limits (MRLS) of 3 pesticides, including benzoxalone

May 11, 2022

On 28 April 2022, Health Canada issued notices PMRL2022-07, PMRL2022-08 and PMRL2022-09, The Pest Management Authority intends to revise maximum residue limits (MRLS) for Topramezone, Pyraclostrobin and Fluopyram in selected foods.

Specific proposed amendments are as follows:

Pesticide Food Maximum levels to be revised (PPM)
Topramezone Poultry fat and meat by-products 0.05
Rapeseed (Crop subgroup 20A); Poultry eggs and meat 1 0.01
Pyraclostrobin Azaroles, papaya, Japanese crabapple, hawthorn, tejocotes 1.5
Beltsville bunching onions, elegans hosta, fritillaria bulbs, Fresh lettuce leaves, fresh Onions, Kurrats, Lady's Leeks, Macrostem Onions, Pearl Onions, snake garlic, Onion bulbs, onion leaves, wild leeks 0.9
Fluopyram Cereals (Crop group 15), except rice and maize 0.5
Rapeseed (Crop Subgroup 20A) 0.3
Green coffee beans 0.03
Unsweetened corn, popcorn kernels 0.02
Peeled, Sweet corn on the cob with ear 0.01
Note 1: Poultry fed benzoxalone - treated feed



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