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kacip fatimah extract --- "Women's Tongkat Ali"

April 1, 2022

kacip fatimah extract --- "Women's Tongkat Ali"


What is Kacip Fatimah Extract Powder?


It is the powder form product which extract from the natura Kacip Fatimah dry herb. Contains all the activeingrediants of the Kacip Fatimah . Widely taken in the female health care products. Has the marvellous effect for woman weight lost . Treatment for all kinds of female disease . Totally natural , no other side effect after long term using.

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【Kaqi Fatima Magical Effect】


Balance hormones in the body and improve microcirculation disorders caused by endocrine


Tighten skin, improve facial skin, lift, lift sagging skin


Make women's body fat firmer, plump breasts, and achieve S-curve


Increase pelvic muscles, restore women's physical strength and health


Improve muscle contraction after childbirth


It has a unique disinfection and astringent effect to restore health, and is the best product for uterine contraction after childbirth


Reduce osteoporosis


Relieve hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia symptoms


Reduce the risk of cardiovascular events


Improve mood and increase self-health


Increase body energy and make the body more energetic


Boost libido, enhance sexual response


Warm the palace, relieve dysmenorrhea


For Q&A:


1) Does Kacip Fatima affect menstruation?


Kacip Fatima not only has a good effect on the treatment of female gynecological diseases, but also plays an important role in balancing and regulating female endocrine. In the early stage of taking, due to the existence of individual differences, menstruation may be advanced or delayed, and this is precisely a manifestation of the product's effect.


2) Why do I feel (vaginal) tightness while taking Kacip Fatima?


Kacip Fatima has the function of shrinking the vagina, so it may cause friction on the inner wall of the vagina, which is a normal reaction.


3) Is it okay for older women to take Kacip Fatima if they want to get pregnant again?


First of all, it needs to be confirmed by the doctor whether there is still the possibility of pregnancy and whether the body is still likely to ovulate. If ovulation is normal, there is still a chance of pregnancy. Kacip Fatima has the effect of warming the uterus, improving the egg implantation rate, and improving the probability of conception. If the husband takes Tongkat Ali to improve sperm motility at the same time, the probability of conception will be greatly increased.


4) I have no uterus and ovaries, what are the benefits of taking Kacip Fatima?


For menopausal women, the effect of Kacip Fatima will be more obvious, because Kacip Fatima is a good product to help women restore self-confidence and health, regain youth and happiness, delay aging and improve the quality of life. It can balance hormones in the body, promote the normal operation of the female reproductive system, increase vaginal secretion, solve the dry and itchy vagina after menopause, and has a very good effect on stimulating the production of hormones. In addition, it strengthens the pelvic muscles (prevents uterine prolapse and incontinence due to childbirth), which is quite effective in restoring a woman's tight "feel like it". Kacip Fatima can also relieve fatigue, relieve menopausal symptoms (restless sleep, tension, irritability), and improve the quality of sexual life. In addition, it can also promote hematopoietic function, has a strong antioxidant effect, and is especially effective for breast enhancement and beauty.


5)Can Kacip Fatima supplement estrogen?


Kacip Fatima is a composition of various natural nutrients. It is not a supplement, but induces its own secretion of estrogen, which helps to balance and regulate estrogen.


latest company news about kacip fatimah extract --- "Women's Tongkat Ali"  1

Difference Between Kacip Fatima and Oral Estrogen

Kacip Fatima Oral estrogen
Pure natural, does not contain any estrogen, safer artificial chemical synthesis
oral Injectable, Oral, Surgical Implant, Patch
Adaptation period, no need to monitor, can be used for a long time Side effects exist, need to be monitored, only take when levels are low or deficient
After taking it, it promotes the body's autologous secretion of estrogen Directly taken estrogen is absorbed by the body
Longer onset time, no side effects after long-term use Fast onset, short time, great side effects
Stable increase of testosterone content, regulation of body state Increases after oral administration, disappears quickly after discontinuation


【For people】


Pregnant women


endocrine disorder women


Frigid women


women with gynecological diseases


Menopausal women, etc.

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