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Stephania Cepharantha Hayata Extract Cepharanthine Anti-COVID-19

May 13, 2022

Acccording the newest new,Cepharanthine can anti-COVID-19 effectively.


A new drug discovered by Chinese scientists to treat COVID-19 has been granted a national invention patent. According to the patent specification, the 10uM (micromole/liter) of McEtin inhibits the replication of the coronavirus 15,393 times. Professor Tong Yigang, dean of the School of Life Science and Technology of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the inventor of the patent, said that according to the current research data, the drug's novel Coronavirus inhibition ability ranks first among all novel Coronavirus inhibitors found by humans.


Name: Stephania Cepharantha Hayata Extract Cepharanthine 98%

CAS number: 481-49-2

latest company news about Stephania Cepharantha Hayata Extract Cepharanthine Anti-COVID-19  0

Molecular formula: C37H38N2O6

Molecular weight: 606.7074

Plant source: Stephania Cepharantha Hayata

Plant part: Roots

98%min by HPLC or as requested

Packing: 10 g/vial. 100g/bag; 1kg/bag; 5kg/drum

5-20kg in regular stock

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