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Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC

Minimum Order Quantity : 25KGS Packaging Details : 25KGS/DRUM
Delivery Time : 5-8 work days Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : 50MT/MONTH
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: HONGDAPHARMA
Certification: ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, BRC Model Number: Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC

Detail Information

Product Name: Angelica Sinensis Extract Other Name: DongQuai P.E;Angelica P.E.;Dong Guai P.E;Angelicae Extract
Color: Brown Yellow Powder Sample: Free 10grams
Spec: 1% Ligustilide By HPLC Other Specs: 80mesh
Pakage: 25KGS/DRUM Grade: Food , Health-care
Purity: 100% Stock: Available

Product Description

Angelica sinensis extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC

DongQuai P.E;Angelica P.E.;Dong guai P.E;Angelicae extract

Angelica sinensis extract is used for invigorating blood and activating blood, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, moistening intestines and relaxing bowels, blood deficiency and yellowing, dizziness and palpitation, irregular menstruation, menstrual dysmenorrhea, deficiency and cold abdominal pain, intestinal dryness and constipation, rheumatic arthralgia, plant extracts from fall injury, furuncle and abscess.


Angelica sinensis extract is a product extracted from the dry root of Angelica sinensis AngelilaSinensisD., and the commercial extract is usually standardized to contain 0.1% ferulic acid and 0.8% quercetin lactone. [Source] Angelica sinensis is a kind of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, which can not only eliminate the flow of blood, but also supplement the deficiency of blood. It can make qi and blood return to some extent and go through its veins, so it is called Angelica sinensis. Angelica sinensis has a different name: Qin Gui (Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan), Yungui (Yunnan), West Angelica sinensis, Angelica sinensis (Gansu). There are about 80 species of Angelica sinensis in the world. There are 26 species, 5 varieties and 1 variant in China. [Character] Angelica sinensis is slightly round Chemicalbook cylindrical, with 3~5 branches or more at the bottom and 15~25cm long. The surface is yellowish brown to brownish, with longitudinal wrinkles and transverse long leather holes. The diameter of the root (head) is 1.5~4cm, with circular pattern, the upper end is round and blunt, and there are purple or yellowish green stems and residues of leaf sheath; The surface of the main root (head) is uneven; the diameter of the branch root (return tail) is 0.3~1cm, the top is thick and the bottom is thin, it is twisted, and there are a few beard root marks. The texture is flexible, the section is yellow-white or light yellow-brown, the skin is thick, there are cracks and most Brown punctiform secretory cavity, the wood color is relatively light, and the forming layer is yellow-brown. It has a strong aroma and tastes sweet, pungent and bitter.

Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 0


Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 


English name: Angelica sinensis Extract
Specs: 10:1,20:1, 1% Ligustilide by HPLC
Appearance: brown powder
Extraction Source:Root.
Detection method: Thin layer chromatography/HPLC
Packaging: aluminum foil bag or cardboard barrel
Shelf life: 2 4 monthes


Appearance: Brown powder
Free sample 10g
Other types of freeze dried Powder: Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC
Standard USP, EP, BP, CP, JP

Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 1


Active ingredients of Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC:

It contains ligusiilide, n-butylidene phthalide, ferulic acid, niacin, sucrose and a variety of amino acids, as well as sesquiterpene compounds.

1. Volatile oil: Angelica sinensis volatile oil content is about 0.4%, the composition in the oil is very complex, among which neutral oil accounts for 88% of the total oil, mainly including Ligustilide (Ligustilide), N-butenylphthalide (n-Butylidenephthalide), ligusticum wallichii lactone (Cnidilide), butylphthalide (BuChemicalbooktylidensph-thalide), Angelica sinensis ketone (AngelicaKetone), neoceractone (Angelicide), pines and cypress alcohol ferulic acid ester, O-carboxyl benzenesperidone (n-Valerophenone-o-carboxylicacid) about 19 kinds of neutral volatile oil.

2. Phenolic compounds: There are mainly 12 kinds of Chenopodium, guaiacol, P-methylphenol, etc.

3. Organic acids: ferulic acid (Ferulicacid), succinic acid (Succinicacid), phthalic anhydride, Anisic acid, sebacic acid, niacin (Nicotinicacid), niacin, etc.

4. Others: uracil, adenine, 13 kinds of ammonia Chemicalbook acid (lysine, cystine, threonine, lysine, glycine, alanine, arginine, etc.), 23 kinds of trace elements (K, Na, Ca, mg, Si, Al, P, Fe, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Mo, Sn, B, Re, Ba, Se, Ti, V, Cr, etc.), vitamin B12, vitamin A- like substances, Angelica polysaccharide, etc.



Functions of Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC:

Its skin care and beauty function comes from Angelica sinensis which can expand skin capillaries and accelerate blood circulation. Angelica sinensis is rich in trace elements, which can nourish skin and prevent roughness. Can be used for acne, brown spot, freckles and alopecia. Angelica sinensis, alias of Qin Gui and Yungui, is a perennial herb. Its stem is purple, generally born in cold and rainy mountain areas, such as Yunnan, Sichuan and other places. Moderate consumption for women has the effects of enriching blood and activating blood, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, and moistening intestines and relaxing bowels. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Angelica sinensis has the functions of enriching blood and nourishing face, moistening intestines and relaxing bowels, and it is suitable for the pale complexion, dizziness and palpitation caused by blood deficiency, symptoms such as irregular menstruation, menstrual closure, dysmenorrhea, postpartum hemorrhage, menstrual depression, dysphoria, etc. Therefore, it is honored as "the holy medicine of female department" by traditional Chinese medicine ".


This product has the effects of anticholine, antioxidation and free radical elimination, and can inhibit uterine contraction. It has a "bidirectional" effect on the uterus. Its water-soluble non-volatile substance can excite the uterine muscle and strengthen the contraction, while its volatile components can inhibit the uterus, reduce its rhythmic contraction and make the uterus relax.

This product also has the effect of treating anti-vitamin E deficiency. It can also reduce Myocardial excitability, treat atrial fiber tremor, and inhibit the contraction range and frequency of the heart. It can reduce blood pressure, slightly reduce blood lipid, and has preventive effect on aortic lesions. It has certain effect on the treatment of atherosclerosis.


Flowchart of Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC:

The content of ferulic acid and ligustilide in angelica sinensis extract was determined simultaneously by HPLC, and the preparation process of Angelica sinensis extract was optimized. Methods taking ferulic acid and ligustilide as index components, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of water Chemicalbook extraction, alkaline water extraction, ethanol dipping method, ethanol hot reflux method and ethanol alcohol infiltration method, and determining the process route of preparing Angelica sinensis extract; orthogonal experimental design was used to optimize the extraction process.

Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 2

Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 3

                    Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 4Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 5


Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC:

Dosage: For the treatment of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and endometriosis, the recommended dose is generally 600-800mg Angelica sinensis extract per day (based on the standard containing 1% artemprolactone). This dose is taken three times a day. Angelica sinensis may cause some people with fair skin to be too sensitive to sunlight. People who often take Angelica sinensis should be limited to exposure to sunlight or other ultraviolet radiation sources for too long. Angelica sinensis is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.


1. Effect on cardiovascular system Angelica sinensis water extract has anti-thrombosis effect, can promote the activity of plasma fibrinolytic enzyme and improve the rheological property of blood. 1) effect on heart Angelica decoction or volatile oil has inhibitory effect on Toad's isolated heart and strengthens with the increase of dose. 2) anti-arrhythmia Angelica sinensis water extract (3g/kg,6g/kg) and ethanol extract (4g/kg) to adrenaline, various animal arrhythmias induced by cardiac glycosides and barium chloride have obvious antagonism for Chemicalbook. 3) reduce vascular resistance and arterial blood pressure. For anesthetized animals, Angelica injection (2 g/kg) can expand peripheral blood vessels, reduce vascular resistance and make femoral artery blood flow, cerebral blood flow and coronary blood flow increased.

2. Influence on blood system Angelica sinensis water extract can improve cerebral circulation, peripheral circulation and coronary circulation, and can reduce myocardial oxygen consumption. Angelica sinensis can increase the number of peripheral blood red blood cells, white blood cells and hemoglobin, especially when peripheral blood cells are reduced or bone marrow is inhibited.

3. Effect on smooth muscle Angelica sinensis extract has obvious relaxation effect on vascular smooth muscle, intestinal smooth muscle, uterine smooth muscle and tracheal smooth muscle, and has the effects of spasmolysis and asthma relief.

4. The effect of benefiting the gallbladder and protecting the liver Angelica sinensis extract can increase the bile secretion rate. Promote digestive function, improve liver cell membrane damage, hepatocyte mitochondrial Chemicalbook damage and lysosomal membrane damage.

5. Influence on immune function Angelica sinensis water extract has enhancement effect on specific and non-specific immune function. Using the langqing rate of I plasma protein colloid particles in mouse blood as the functional index of monocyte swallowing system, it is observed that Angelica sinensis has certain promoting swallowing effect.

6. Analgesic effect Angelica sinensis, as a traditional Chinese medicine, has good analgesic effect. Japanese scholars have proved through pharmacological experiments that the strength of the water extract of Angelica sinensis produced in Japan is 1.7 times that of acetylcarboxylic acid, and its analgesic active components are polyacetylene compound falcChemicalbookarindiol and falcarinolone. In addition, Japanese scholars have also proved that the analgesic effects of Chinese angelica sinensis and East Angelica sinensis are similar. Angelica sinensis extract can inhibit platelet AA metabolism and platelet 5-HT release, and has mild analgesic effect.


Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 6Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 7

Chinese Medicine Angelica sinensis Extract 1% Ligustilide by HPLC 8

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