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Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hongdapharma
Certification: ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, BRC
Model Number: Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 25KGS
Packaging Details: 25KGS/DRUM
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50MT/MONTH

Detail Information

Product Name: Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract Other Name: Schisandra P.E;Schinsandra P.E;Schisandra Rosea P.E;Schisandra Chinens P.E;Schisandra Berries P.E.;Schisandra Chinensis P.E;Schisandra Berry Extract;
Color: Brown Yellow Powder Sample: Free 10grams
Spec: 1%-9% Schizandrin By HPLC Other Specs: 80mesh
Pakage: 25KGS/DRUM Grade: Food , Health Care
Purity: 100% Stock: Available
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Chinese Medicine Schizandrin Powder


BRC Antivirus Powder


Schisandra Chinensis Extract

Product Description

Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 1%-9% Schizandrin By Hplc Schisandra Chinessis P.E.


Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC


Schisandra chinensis Extract is a dry fruit extract of schisandra chinensis Schisandrachinensis. Its main effective components are lignans such as schisandra chinensis A, schisandra chinensis B, schisandra chinensis A, schisandra chinensis B, schisandra chinensis C, schisandra chinensis Ester Chemicalbook Class A, and also contains a variety of volatile oils such as pinene and organic acid compounds such as citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid. It can be used for long cough, deficiency of asthma, dreaminess, gliding, enuresis, frequent urination, persistent diarrhea, spontaneous sweating and night sweating, fluid injury and thirst, shortness of breath, pulse deficiency, internal heat and thirst, palpitation and insomnia.

Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin 0


Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC


English name: Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC
Specs: 10:1,20:1, 3% schizandrin by HPLC
Appearance: brown powder
Extraction Source:Root.
Detection method: Thin layer chromatography/HPLC
Packaging: aluminum foil bag or cardboard barrel
Shelf life: 2 4 monthes


Appearance: Brown powder
Free sample 10g
Other types of freeze dried Powder: Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC
Standard USP, EP, BP, CP, JP

Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin 1


Active ingredients of Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC:

1. Volatile Components schisandra chinensis contains α-pinene (2-pinene), β-pinene (β-pinene), myrcene (myrcene), limonene (limonene), α-terpenoid Chemicalbook (α-lerpinene), r-tie pin xi (r-terpinene), thymol methyl ether (thymolmethylether), linalool (linalool), etc.

2. Lignans about 200 components are isolated from schisandra plants at home and abroad, of which more than 150 are lignans. Schisandra chinensis contains schisandra chinensis alcohol (Schisandrol), schisandra chinensis namely schisandra chinensis alcohol A (Schizandrin), schisandra chinensis alcohol B namely gumixin (Aomisin)A, schisandra chinensis A namely deoxyschisandra chinensis (Aeoxyschizandrin), schisandra chinensis B, namely r-schisandra chinensis (r-Schizandrin), schisandra chinensis C, namely pseudo r-schisandra chinensis (Pseudo-r-Schizandrin), namely gumixin (Aomisin)N, Chemicalbook schisandra chinensis (Schisanhenol), schisandra chinensis Ester A (SchisantherinA), schisandra chinensis Ester B, etc. Schisandra chinensis in central China mainly contains schisandra chinensis Ester A, schisandra chinensis Ester B and schisandra chinensis A. Varieties in a few regions contain a small amount of schisandra chinensis alcohol A and schisandra chinensis alcohol B, as well as deoxyschisandra chinensis (deoxyschizandrin), neoschisan-drin, schisan-drin (schizandrol), gomisin (gomisin)B-J, K1-3, L1-2, M1-2, N, O, R, Angelica acyl gorisin H, O, P, Q, Shun Zhi Ge Mi Xin, etc.

3. Organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, original catechic acid, etc. In the root of schisandra chinensis (Kadsuralongepedunculata), there are kadsulactoneacid, nandalactone, (+)-pentamoxifen, dihydroguadin, d-epigaven and β-sitosterol. The stem of the middle schisandra chinensis (SchisandrapropinquavarIntermedia) contains Chemicalbook (preschisanthrin,I),pregomisin and schisanhenol. Wherein I is a new compound. The chemical composition of schisandra chinensis (Schisandrasp. Seed name to be determined) produced in Lichuan, Hubei province: epamentic acid, 2,3-dihydroxypropyloctaeight acid ester, schisandra chinensis phenol, Schizandronicacid, iso-Schizandrolicacid and β-sitosterol.

Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin 2


Functions of Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC:

1. Effect on liver schisandra chinensis Extract and its preparation can promote hepatic glycogen heterogeny, and also promote hepatic glycogen decomposition, and strengthen the phosphorylation process of fructose in brain, liver and muscle; its ethanol extract can obviously reduce serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase and has protective effect on liver damage caused by carbon tetrachloride. After intragastric administration of schisandra chinensis (I) in rats, the activity of cytochrome P-450, NADPH-cytochrome C reductase, aminopyrine Chemicalbook, liver weight and liver microsomal protein content of liver microsomal all increased significantly, benzo is higher than Hydroxylase Activity. Electron microscope observation shows that the smooth surface of rat hepatocytes has obvious proliferation of endoplasmic reticulum, which indicates that it has induction effect on liver microsomal monooxygenase. In addition, it can reduce SGPT of mice poisoned by CCl4, inhibit lipid peroxide of liver microsomes caused by CCl4, and transform CCl4 metabolism into CO. These effects are similar to those of other components of schisandra chinensis, such as acetin.

2. Effect on central nervous system the crude extract of schisandra chinensis can increase the excitability of central nervous system and improve intellectual activity and work efficiency. Schisandra chinensis can obviously prolong the sleep time of mice on pentaphanate Chemicalbook bituna, and the two have synergistic effect. Oral administration of pentanol in mice can significantly reduce brain activity. Its alcohol extract has the effects of anti-electric shock and convulsion caused by central excitation drugs.

3. Effect on digestive tract ulcer schisandra chinensis Extract has better effect on inhibiting gastric ulcer, and also has preventive effect on gastric mucosa injury caused by absolute ethyl alcohol.

4. Effects on cardiovascular system schisandra chinensis and its extracts have vasodilation effect, and have significant boosting effect when circulatory failure occurs. In addition, it also has a certain cardiotonic effect. Schisandra chinensis Chemicalbook has the effect of β receptor blocker on Vitro and In Vivo frog heart.

5. Effect on immune system the inhibitory effect of schisandra chinensis alcohol extract 25 mg/kg/day on mouse spleen antibody secretion cells and specific Rose forming cells is the same as that of cortical hormone 20 mg/kg/day, the two are combined and have obvious synergistic effect.

6. Anti-aging effect schisandra chinensis Extract can enhance cellular immunity, strengthen RNA and PAS synthesis of testes and ovary, promote proliferation of germ cells, and has obvious anti-free radical effect, it can also play an anti-aging role by changing MAO and its isoenzyme activity. Schisandra chinensis has antioxidant effect, which can protect Chemicalbook heart from damage caused by lipid peroxide.

7. Effects on kidney gumixin A and deoxyschisandra chinensis can inhibit the increase of urinary protein excretion and improve serum biochemical indexes.

8. Antiallergic effect gumixin A has obvious inhibitory effect on the same passive allergic skin reaction (PCA) of rats and the skin allergic reaction of rats.

9. Anti-tumor effect schisandra chinensis Extract γ-schisandra chinensis has cytotoxic effect on leukemia and KB cells, and has inhibitory effect on DNA, ATP and nucleoprotein metabolism of cancer cells.

10. Antibacterial effect 100% aqueous solution is the most sensitive to dermatophytes. In vitro, the ethanol extract of schisandra chinensis is applied to Bacillus Anthrax, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus albicans, paratyphoid Bacillus A and B, Bacillus pneumonia, typhoid Bacillus, cholera Chemicalbook, Salmonella enteritidis, Shigella dysentery, variant Bacillus and others have inhibitory effects. It also has strong antibacterial effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It has antiviral effect both in vivo and in vitro.

11. Toxic and side effects the toxicity of schisandra chinensis is very small, and no poisoning is found when the extract is 5 g/kg given to the stomach of mice. 1 g/kg of schisandra chinensis was given, and no death was found. There are also reports of dyspnea caused by taking schisandra chinensis decoction and skin allergic reaction caused by schisandra chinensis syrup.

Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin 3


Flowchart of Chinese Medicine Schisandra Berries Extract 3% schizandrin by HPLC:

1. The extract of schisandra chinensis (9.0%) production process the extract of schisandra chinensis is removed from the pulp, crushed into coarse powder, extracted with ethanol backflow, combined with the extract, decompressed to recover the ethanol completely, to about 10 bowels, adding the same amount of dispersant, stir well and dry it in vacuum. 2. Extraction and separation method of Weizi Ester A take about 1kg of dried fruit of schisandra chinensis, smash it, and extract it back with ethanol for 6 hours. Alcohol extract concentrated back in the refrigerator, remove floating fat oil, for diatomite mix sample, after baking powder Chemicalbook broken, put Soxhlet extractor in cyclohexane extraction 6 hours, about 80 grams of paste is obtained after the extraction solution recovers cyclohexane, and the liquid-liquid distribution is carried out through petroleum ether -80% ethanol. The alcohol-soluble part is reduced and concentrated at least, and then placed to precipitate about 4 grams of crystallization. The mother liquor is carried out by silica gel dry column chromatography, benzene-ethyl acetate (6:1) uplink method, segmented cutting, methanol elution, thin layer inspection, the same color spot is combined, after concentration, white square crystal is placed, combined with the above coarse crystals, methanol is crystallized.

Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin 4

Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin 5




Schisandra chinensis preparations include schisandra chinensis granules, schurrenol extract, schisandra chinensis oil, Wuling pills, liver protection tablets, Gengnian An'an, etc. In recent years, jiangshuling capsules with schisandra chinensis Extract as the main component have been further developed, pentyl rubber pills and biphenyl Ester tablets, etc.

Chinese Medicine Antivirus Powder Schisandra Chinensis Extract 1% - 9% Schizandrin 6


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