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TLC Healthy Fruit Juice Powder Kiwi Fruit Powder Food Grade 80 Mesh

Minimum Order Quantity : 25KG Packaging Details : Sample:1kg/bag with Polyethylene bag. Orders: Professional Drum with Net Weight 25kg
Delivery Time : 7-15 days Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability : 1000kg per month
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: HONGDA
Certification: ISO22000/KOSHER/HALAL/BRC/SC/ORGANIC Model Number: HD-029

Detail Information

Grade: Food Grade Packaging: Drum
Form: Powder Type: Herb Extract
Part: Fruit Appearance: Light Green Fine Powder
Product Name: Kiwi Fruit Powder Test Method: TLC
Application: Health-care Products, Food Supplement,Cosmetics Field,Pharmaceutical Field Specification: 10:1
Shelf Life: 2 Years Color: Light Green
Latin Name: Actinidia Chinensis Function: Protects The Heart; Helps In Digestion; Good For Diabetes
High Light:

TLC Healthy Kiwi Juice Powder


80 Mesh Kiwi Fruit Powder


Actinidia Chinensis Kiwi Fruit Powder

Product Description

                                                           Quick Details

Product name: Kiwi fruit powder
Latin name: Actinidia Chinensis
Part Used: Fruit
Color: Light Green Fine Powder
Odor: Characteristic
density: 0.5-0.7g/ml
Particle Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on drying: ≤5.00%
Acid insoluble Ash: ≤5.0%
Heavy metals(as Pb): ≤10ppm
Lead(Pb): ≤2ppm
Arsenic (As): ≤2ppm
Residual Pesticide: Negative
Total microbacterial count: NMT10000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold: NMT1000cfu/g
Salmonella: Negative
E.Coli. Negative



Product Description:

Kiwifruit, known as the "King of Fruits", is sweet and sour and rich in nutrition. It is a nourishing fruit for the elderly, children, and the infirm. It is rich in vitamins C, A, E, potassium, magnesium, and cellulose. It also contains the relatively rare nutrients of other fruits-folic acid, carotene, calcium, progesterone, amino acids, and natural inositol. The nutritional value of kiwi is far more than other fruits. Its calcium content is 2.6 times that of grapefruit, 17 times that of apples, 4 times that of bananas, and the content of vitamin C is twice that of oranges.


According to analysis, the vitamin content of kiwi fruit per 100 grams of fresh samples is generally 100-200 mg, and the highest is 400 mg, which is about 5-10 times that of citrus. It contains 8-14% sugars and 1.4-2-acids. 0%, also contains 12 kinds of amino acids such as tyrosine. Different from other fruits, kiwifruit contains a wide range of nutrients. Most fruits are rich in one or two nutrients, but each kiwifruit can provide 8% DV folate, 8% DV copper, 8% pantothenic acid, 6% DV calcium and Fresh, 4% DV iron and vitamin B6, 2% DV phosphorus and Va and other vitamins and minerals. In addition to organics such as actinidin, proteolytic enzymes, tannins, pectin and sugars, as well as trace elements such as calcium, potassium, selenium, zinc, germanium and 17 amino acids required by the human body, kiwi fruit is also rich in vitamins and gluconic acid. , Fructose, citric acid, malic acid, fat.

TLC Healthy Fruit Juice Powder Kiwi Fruit Powder Food Grade 80 Mesh 0TLC Healthy Fruit Juice Powder Kiwi Fruit Powder Food Grade 80 Mesh 1TLC Healthy Fruit Juice Powder Kiwi Fruit Powder Food Grade 80 Mesh 2


Kiwi fruit is rich in minerals, including rich calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and a variety of vitamins, which play an important role in maintaining human health.

Kiwi fruit can be used as a beverage to treat scurvy. The vitamin C it contains helps to reduce the cholesterol level in the blood, expands blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. It also strengthens the heart muscle. Drinking a teaspoon of kiwi powder and a moderate amount of warm water on a regular basis can help stabilize blood cholesterol levels.

Kiwi fruit has anti-diabetic potential. It contains chromium, which has medicinal value in treating diabetes. It stimulates the isolated group of cells to secrete insulin, therefore, it can lower the blood sugar of diabetic patients. Its powder is mixed with bitter gourd powder to regulate blood sugar levels. Regular intake of sweet, sour, spicy and greasy foods can cause acidity to the body. In addition, eating late at night, drinking coffee or tea can trigger acidity conditions. Regardless of any acid-related problems in the body, such as heartburn or acid reflux, kiwi fruit can be used as a good antacid. It can also treat diarrhea and dysentery. A glass of kiwi fruit juice or powder can reduce gastrointestinal discomfort.

Because it is rich in nutrients, it can increase the total protein level. Drinking a drink made of kiwi powder after a meal can solve the problem of stomach weakness. Kiwi fruit can effectively treat breathing problems and can also improve your vision. It can effectively improve eyesight when used in combination with honey. In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant that can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. But if the skin is damaged or allergic, you should consult your doctor before using kiwi.

The effects of kiwi fruit also include improving immune function, curing liver diseases, indigestion, anemia, urinary system problems, respiratory diseases, brain diseases, etc. It also increases red blood cell production and strengthens teeth and nails. It should be remembered that a healthy and balanced diet, a daily intake of a lot of water, coupled with the use of kiwi fruit can cure many health problems.


TLC Healthy Fruit Juice Powder Kiwi Fruit Powder Food Grade 80 Mesh 3



1. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Kiwi Juice Fruit Powder is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2 and B3. The yellow Kiwi is said to be a good source of calcium which strengthens teeth and bones naturally, while the red skinned ones have significant amounts of phosphorous which is also essentially needed by the body to function properly.
Sufficient amounts of phosphorous in the body, in particular, help increase energy levels. Iron is also one of the main components of this fruit, which is good for the blood.


2. Rich in Fiber and Protein

The flesh of the Kiwi Juice Fruit Powder is rich in fiber which benefits those suffering from constipation. Plus, its high protein content makes it a good choice for those striving to lose weight as it boosts the metabolism.

3. Good for Diabetes

Kiwi Juice Fruit Powder has the ability to lower blood glucose levels, thereby making it a healthy fruit for people with diabetes. In Taiwan especially, people with diabetes are urged by doctors to consume Kiwi Juice Fruit Powder.


4.Protects the Heart

Kiwi Juice Fruit Powders are rich in flavonoids that have been linked to having a favorable effect in protecting the heart from cardio related diseases. Furthermore, the healthy fat content prevents cholesterol build-up. Low levels of cholesterol always help maintain a good condition of the heart.


5. Helps in Digestion

Kiwi Juice Fruit Powder is rich in fiber content,it will help in digestion as fiber rich foods are known to aid in digestion and relieve constipation.



1. As Food and beverage ingredients.

2. As Healthy Products ingredients.
3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.

4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.
5. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients.

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