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40% Oleuropein Pure Plant Extract CAS 32619-42-4 Olive Leaf Extract

Minimum Order Quantity : 25KG Packaging Details : Sample:1kg/bag with Polyethylene bag. Orders: Professional Drum with Net Weight 25kg
Delivery Time : 7-15 days Payment Terms : L/C, T/T
Supply Ability : 1000kg per month
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: HONGDA
Certification: ISO22000/KOSHER/HALAL/BRC/SC/ORGANIC Model Number: HD-102

Detail Information

Grade: Food Grade Packaging: Drum
Form: Powder Type: Herb Extract
Part: Leaf Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Product Name: Olive Leaf Extract Test Method: HPLC
Application: Health-care Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Cosmetic Products Specification: 40% Oleuropein
Shelf Life: 2 Years Color: Brown Yellow
Latin Name: Olea Europaea L
High Light:

40% Oleuropein Pure Plant Extract


CAS 32619-42-4 Olive Leaf Extract


Olive Leaf Pure Plant Extract

Product Description

                                                                  Quick Details

Product name: Olive Leaf Extract
Latin name:

Olea europaea L

Part Used: Leaf
Color: Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Odor: Characteristic
density: 0.5-0.7g/ml
Particle Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on drying: ≤5.00%
Acid insoluble Ash: ≤5.0%
Heavy metals(as Pb): ≤10ppm
Lead(Pb): ≤2ppm
Arsenic (As): ≤2ppm
Residual Pesticide: Negative
Total microbacterial count: NMT10000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold: NMT1000cfu/g
Salmonella: Negative
E.Coli. Negative


Product description:

The olive leaf is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, which scientists study for its potential to prevent chronic diseases. Research points to lower rates of illnesses and cancer-related deaths among populations that follow this diet. The positive effect is due in part to the powerful and health-boosting benefits of the olive leaf.

40% Oleuropein Pure Plant Extract CAS 32619-42-4 Olive Leaf Extract 0

Olive leaf extract is a concentrated dose of the nutrients in olive tree leaves. It’s a potent source of antioxidants that support your immune system.

Oleuropein is a glycosylated seco-iridoid, a type of phenolic bitter compound found in green olive skin, flesh, seeds, and leaves, and argan oil.[1] The term oleuropein is derived from the botanical name of the olive tree, Olea europaea.

Because of its bitter taste, oleuropein must be completely removed or decomposed to make olives edible. During processing of bitter and inedible green olives for consumption as table olives, oleuropein is removed from olives via a number of methods, including by immersion in lye.


Oleuropein belongs to the secoiridoids, which are abundant in Oleaceae, Gentianaceae, Cornaleae, as well as many other plants. Iridoids and secoiridoids are compounds that are usually glycosidically bound and are produced from the secondary metabolism of terpenes as precursors of various indole alkaloids. The secoiridoids in Oleaceae are usually derived from the oleoside type of glucosides (oleosides), which are characterized by an exocyclic 8,9-olefinic functionality, a combination of elenolic acid and a glucosidic residue. Oleuropein is an ester of 2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)ethanol (hydroxytyrosol) and has the oleosidic skeleton that is common to the secoiridoid glucosides of Oleaceae [3], mainly in its aglycone form, which makes the sugar moiety insoluble in oil

40% Oleuropein Pure Plant Extract CAS 32619-42-4 Olive Leaf Extract 1

By fighting cell damage that causes disease, antioxidants work to reduce your risk of many illnesses — but research shows that this activity in olive leaf extract may contribute to a range of other health benefits.


Health Benefits

The antioxidants in olive leaf extract are mainly polyphenols. Scientists believe these plant-based nutrients play a role in preventing conditions like cognitive decline, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Olive leaf also contains a uniquely powerful polyphenol called oleuropein. Studies show that in addition to its antioxidant activity, oleuropein has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial effects. These properties point to research-backed health benefits like:



Improved Cardiovascular Health

Research shows that olive leaf extract helps prevent LDL (bad) cholesterol from building up in your arteries. This effect helps increase blood flow and lower blood pressure, reducing your risk of heart disease.

A study using rats also points to olive leaf extract’s effectiveness in helping restore a normal heartbeat in those with arrhythmia, although further research with human subjects would be more conclusive.


Lower Risk of Diabetes

The antioxidants in olive leaves can lower your blood sugar and help stabilize it to maintain healthy levels. Researchers find that this effect helps treat people with diabetes and may prevent you from developing the disease. Studies also show that olive leaf extract can reduce your body’s insulin resistance, one of the biggest risk factors for diabetes.


Stronger Immune System

The Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower rate of chronic diseases — including cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Olive leaf extract supports this trend thanks to oleuropein’s ability to attack and neutralize viruses and bacteria.

Some studies indicate oleuropein may stop cancer cell growth. Olive leaf extract may also reduce the severity and duration of upper respiratory infections.


Weight Management

More research is needed in humans, but early studies show that the oleuropein in olive leaf extract prevents unwanted weight gain and reduces the risk of obesity.

In laboratory tests, oleuropein lowered body fat and weight gain in animals fed high-cholesterol and high-fat diets. It also reduced food intake, suggesting olive leaf extract can also help manage appetite and overeating.



1.It can prevent the growth of cells and viruses.

2.It can stimulate the activity of the immune system cells, to fight infection.

3.It can be extremely effective for micro bacteria infection.

4.It can prevent coronary heart disease (CHD) and atherosclerosis.

5. It can relax vascular smooth muscle, lower blood pressure .

5.It can In enhancing immunity and improving the autoimmune disorder, Olea Europaea Leaf Extractt plays an important role.


1. it can prevent cellular and viral growth, and stimulate the immune system plays an important role in the activity of the cells, resistance to infection.

2. the simplex, bladder and micro bacteria infection is also very effective.

3. it has antioxidant capacity, can reduce the oxidation of LDL levels, the prevention of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis.

4. a soothing vascular smooth muscle, the ability to lower blood pressure.

5.It has been found that olive leaf extract can decrease blood cholesterol levels and also decrease high blood pressure levels. Maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure is an important element in preventing heart disease and heart attacks.

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