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Natural Plant Goji Berry Extract Brown Yellow Wolfberry Extract Powder

Minimum Order Quantity : 25KG Packaging Details : Sample:1kg/bag with Polyethylene bag. Orders: Professional Drum with Net Weight 25kg
Delivery Time : 7-15 days Payment Terms : L/C, T/T
Supply Ability : 1000kg per month
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: HONGDA
Certification: ISO22000/KOSHER/HALAL/BRC/SC/ORGANIC Model Number: HD-113

Detail Information

Grade: Food Grade Packaging: Drum
Form: Powder Type: Herb Extract
Part: Fruit Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Product Name: Wolfberry Extract Powder Test Method: TLC
Application: Health-care Products, Food Field, Pharmaceutical Products Specification: 10:1
Shelf Life: 2 Years Color: Brown Yellow
Latin Name: Lycium Barbarum L.
High Light:

Natural Plant Goji Berry Extract


Brown Yellow Wolfberry Extract Powder


BRC Wolfberry Extract Powder

Product Description

                                                                  Quick Details

Product name: Wolfberry Extract Powder
Latin name:

Lycium Barbarum L.

Part Used: Fruit
Color: Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Odor: Characteristic
density: 0.5-0.7g/ml
Particle Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on drying: ≤5.00%
Acid insoluble Ash: ≤5.0%
Heavy metals(as Pb): ≤10ppm
Lead(Pb): ≤2ppm
Arsenic (As): ≤2ppm
Residual Pesticide: Negative
Total microbacterial count: NMT10000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold: NMT1000cfu/g
Salmonella: Negative
E.Coli. Negative


An overview of goji berries

Also called wolfberries, goji berries (Lycium barbarum) are native to Asia.


Known for their sweet, slightly sour flavor and vibrant red hue, theyve been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. In fact, theyre said to slow signs of aging, maintain eye health, and strengthen your liver, kidneys, and lungs.


Thanks to their growing popularity, goji berries are also frequently featured in supplements and superfood blends alongside other fruits, herbs, and extracts.


Additionally, these berries are often found in dried or powdered forms and added to a variety of recipes.

Natural Plant Goji Berry Extract Brown Yellow Wolfberry Extract Powder 0


Health benefits

Highly nutritious

Theyre a great source of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Just 5 tablespoons (28 grams) of dried goji berries pack:


Calories: 98

Protein: 4 grams

Fat: 0.1 grams

Carbs: 21.6 grams

Fiber: 3.6 grams

Sugar: 21.8 grams

Iron: 11% of the Daily Value (DV)

Vitamin A: 501% of the DV

Vitamin C: 15% of the DV

As you can see, even a small serving of this fruit is loaded with fiber, iron, and vitamins A and C.


Iron is an essential mineral involved in oxygen transport and the production of healthy red blood cells. Meanwhile, both vitamins A and C play central roles in immune function and act as antioxidants in your body.


Antioxidants are compounds that help neutralize harmful molecules called free radicals, preventing cell damage.


In fact, one test-tube study found that treating cells with goji berry extract significantly increased antioxidant levels and reduced several markers of oxidative stress.


Research suggests that upping your intake of antioxidants reduces inflammation and protects against chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


May support immune function

Goji berries have long been used in traditional medicine to ward off illness and infection and naturally enhance immunity.


According to a 30-day study in 60 older adults, drinking 4 ounces (120 mL) of goji berry juice per day increased levels of immune cells and improved general feelings of well-being.

In a 3-month study in 150 older adults, goji berry supplements improved immune function in response to an influenza vaccine.


Animal research supports these immune-health findings.

Still, additional studies are needed.


May promote eye health

Promising research suggests that goji berries may enhance eye health and protect against disorders like macular degeneration, a progressive eye condition that can lead to vision loss.

A 90-day study in 150 older adults found that supplementing with goji berries increased blood antioxidant levels, prevented hypopigmentation of the macula (the central area of the retina), and helped soften fatty protein deposits under the retina.

Similarly, a study in 114 people with early macular degeneration showed that daily goji berry supplements improved the density of macular pigment, which may protect against the progression of macular degeneration.


Goji berries are also packed with antioxidants like zeaxanthin, which help protect your lenses and retinas against damage.

Natural Plant Goji Berry Extract Brown Yellow Wolfberry Extract Powder 1

Protects against cancer

High levels of antioxidants, including vitamin C, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids, are responsible for fighting cancer cells. Antioxidants slow tumor growth, reduce inflammation, and help to remove harmful substances from the body.


Research on miceTrusted Source, reported in the journal Drug Design, Development and Therapy, finds goji berries may inhibit tumor growth and boost the effectiveness of cancer treatments.


Promotes healthy skin

Goji berries contain beta-carotene, which is an essential plant phytochemical. Beta-carotene is known for its ability to promote healthy skin.


Beta-carotene is an ingredient used in skin creams to:


improve skin health

reduce skin irritation

manage the effects of the sun

manage the impact of aging

One studyTrusted Source in mice found that when they drank 5 percent goji juice, it gave them enough antioxidants to protect against UV light damage and skin disorders.


Stabilizes blood sugar

Goji berries may be helpful in controlling the release of sugar into the blood. ResearchTrusted Source from 2015 shows that goji berries balance insulin and glucose levels in the blood.


The same study linked goji berries to increased HDL levelsTrusted Source in people with type 2 diabetes. HDL is known as good cholesterol.


Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep

Research from 2016 that was done using rats shows goji berries can improve depression and anxiety-like behaviors.


Another studyTrusted Source in the United States, using humans, also found drinking goji berry juice could improve energy, mood, and digestive health.


In this study, healthy adult participants consumed 120 milliliters of goji berry juice daily or a placebo drink for 14 days.


They completed questionnaires to record their feelings of wellbeing, neurological and psychological health, musculoskeletal symptoms, and digestive and cardiovascular complaints, as well as any adverse effects of the juice each day.


The researchers took measurements to record each participant’s blood pressure, body mass, weight, pulse, and vision before and after the 14 days of study.


The group given the goji berry juice reported improved energy, ability to focus, enhanced athletic performance, mental acuity, and feelings of calmness and contentment by day 15.


The study also showed improved quality of sleep in those who consumed the goji berry juice, and none experienced negative effects related to drinking the juice.



Prevents liver damage

Goji berries have been used to treat liver disease in traditional Chinese medicine.


Research on animal modelsTrusted Source indicates goji berries can help with managing liver health and preventing the progression of alcohol-induced fatty liver disease.


Research on human liver cancer cellsTrusted Source has also found the goji berry can inhibit tumor growth.



What makes goji berries so good?

Goji berries are often called a superfood because they contain chemical compounds called phytochemicals that are produced by plants. Phytochemicals in goji berries include polysaccharides, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin.


Polysaccharides are a primary characteristic of the goji berry. These are an essential source of dietary fiber. A study using aging mice found that polysaccharides in goji berries helped with improving immune function and increasing total antioxidant activity in the body.


Beta-carotene is responsible for the orange-red color pigment in goji berries. Beta-carotene is vital for eye health, bone health, skin health, and cell development. The amount of beta-carotene in goji berries is among the highest of all edible plants.


Zeaxanthin plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system. Many researchers believe that zeaxanthin can prevent macular degeneration, a progressive vision impairment that occurs when the central part of the retina, or macula, deteriorates.



1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is usually made into tablets, capsule and granule to warm the kidney, strengthen the spleen and enhance human immunity


2.Applied in food field, it is mainly used in kinds of beverage, liquor and foods to enhance human immunity and anti-aging.

Natural Plant Goji Berry Extract Brown Yellow Wolfberry Extract Powder 2

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