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99% Natural Astragalus Root Extract Powder Astragaloside IV CAS 84687-43-4

Minimum Order Quantity : 25KG Packaging Details : Sample:1kg/bag with Polyethylene bag. Orders: Professional Drum with Net Weight 25kg
Delivery Time : 7-15 days Payment Terms : L/C, T/T
Supply Ability : 1000kg per month
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: HONGDA
Certification: ISO22000/KOSHER/HALAL/BRC/SC/ORGANIC Model Number: HD-179

Detail Information

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade Packaging: Drum
Form: Powder Type: Herb Extract
Part: Root Appearance: White Fine Powder
Product Name: Astragalus Root Extract Test Method: HPLC
Application: Health-care Products, Food Field, Pharmaceutical Products Shelf Life: 2 Years
Color: White Latin Name: Astragalus Membranaceus (Fisch.) Bunge.
High Light:

CAS 84687-43-4 Astragalus Root Extract Powder


Natural Astragalus Root Extract Powder


99% Astragaloside IV Powder

Product Description

                                                                  Quick Details

Product name: Astragalus Root Extract
Latin name:

Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bunge.

Part Used: Root
Color: White Fine Powder
Odor: Characteristic
density: 0.5-0.7g/ml
Particle Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on drying: ≤5.00%
Acid insoluble Ash: ≤5.0%
Heavy metals(as Pb): ≤10ppm
Lead(Pb): ≤2ppm
Arsenic (As): ≤2ppm
Residual Pesticide: Negative
Total microbacterial count: NMT10000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold: NMT1000cfu/g
Salmonella: Negative
E.Coli. Negative


Plant description:

Astragalus is a traditional Chinese medicinal material in my country and is a leguminous plant. This medicine has the effects of diuretic and swelling, qi and appearance. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years. It has traditional Chinese medicine functions such as invigorating qi and solidifying the surface, diuretic and detoxification, expelling pus, astringing sores and promoting muscle. Astragalus contains various chemical components such as saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides, and astragaloside IV is one of the active components that are more studied. Medicinal Astragalus is the dried root of the leguminous plant Astragalus mongolica or Astragalus membranaceus. It is sweet in taste and slightly warm in nature. It has the functions of invigorating qi and solidifying the surface, diuretic toxin, expelling pus, astringing sores and promoting muscle. In the field of kidney disease treatment, Astragalus has been used more widely and for a long time. According to the latest research results, astragalus can significantly reduce the protein in the urine of patients with kidney disease, so it has the effect of significantly improving kidney function.

99% Natural Astragalus Root Extract Powder Astragaloside IV CAS 84687-43-4 0

Astragaloside IV, is a representative component of cyclic astragaloside saponins in Astragalus membranaceus.



Efficacy and use

It can improve cardiopulmonary function, strengthen cardiac contractility, dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve skin blood circulation and nutritional status; and can protect the liver, prevent the reduction of hepatic glycogen, and has a good effect on chronic active hepatitis. Astragalus also has the effect of inducing interferon and mobilizing the body's immune function, which can inhibit virus reproduction and tumor growth. Enhance immunity, increase energy, anti-fatigue, make mutations, protect liver, inhibit the role of osteoclasts.


The main active ingredients in astragalus polysaccharides are polysaccharides and astragaloside. Astragaloside is divided into astragaloside I, astragaloside II, and astragaloside IV. Among them, the best biological activity is astragaloside IV, namely astragaloside IV. Astragaloside IV not only has the effect of astragalus polysaccharide, but also has some incomparable effects of astragalus polysaccharide. Its efficacy is more than 6 times that of conventional astragalus polysaccharide, and its antiviral effect is 30 times that of astragalus polysaccharide.

99% Natural Astragalus Root Extract Powder Astragaloside IV CAS 84687-43-4 1

Pharmacological effects of astragaloside IV

1. Enhance the body's immunity and improve the body's disease resistance.

It can specifically and non-specifically exclude foreign bodies that invade the body, promote specific, immune and non-specific immunity, and improve the body's disease resistance. It can promote the production of antibodies in the body, and can significantly increase the number of antibody-forming cells and the measured value of hemolysis. Astragaloside IV can significantly improve the level of lymphocyte transformation and the formation rate of E-rose rosettes in coccidioid-immunized chickens, and is an effective activator of the monocyte-macrophage system. Astragaloside IV can also improve oxidation, increase GSH-PX and SOD activities in immune organs, and improve immune defense and immune surveillance functions.


2. Antiviral effect.

Antiviral principle of astragaloside IV: stimulate the function of macrophages and T cells, increase the number of cells forming the E ring, induce cytokines, promote the induction of interleukins, and make the animal body produce endogenous interferon, so as to achieve Antiviral purpose. The test proves that the total protection rate of astragaloside IV on IBD can reach 98.33%, which can effectively prevent and treat IBD. Astragaloside IV can enhance the function of the antioxidant enzyme system in the body, reduce the content of L0, and reduce the damage of reactive oxygen species to the body, thereby reducing the morbidity and mortality of MD. It can improve the immune function of the body caused by tumors, promote the activation of immune cells to release endogenous factors, and prevent the killing and inhibition of tumor cells caused by peroxidation. Astragaloside IV has the effect of inhibiting the growth of influenza virus and inhibiting the activity of sialidase. , has a significant effect on the function of influenza virus membrane and affects the adsorption and penetration of the virus to sensitive cells. Greatly reduce the mortality of animals; Astragaloside IV has strong killing and inhibitory effects on ND virus. The premise is that astragaloside IV is used before the discovery of ND virus infection, so it is best to use astragaloside IV for a long time to increase the LPO content in immune organs such as spleen and thymus, and significantly enhance the clearance of myeloid tumor cells by immune organs such as spleen and thymus. effect.


3. Anti-stress effect.

Astragaloside IV can prevent adrenal hyperplasia and thymus atrophy in the alert period of stress response, prevent abnormal changes in stress response resistance period and exhaustion period, and play an anti-stress role, especially for the bidirectional regulation of enzymes in the process of nutrient metabolism. Significantly, the effects of heat stress on the physiological functions of the body were alleviated and eliminated to a certain extent.


4. As a growth promoter.

Astragaloside IV can enhance the physiological metabolism of cells, promote blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of animal bodies, and play a role in nutrition and health care. Studies have shown that it can promote the growth of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria, and has the effect of prebiotics.


5. Astragaloside IV can improve cardiopulmonary function.

Astragaloside IV can strengthen cardiac contractility, protect the myocardium, and resist heart failure. It also has liver protection, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and other effects. It can be used as an adjuvant therapy for various viral and bacterial diseases.


6. Effects on the urinary system.

Astragaloside IV injection can significantly increase serum albumin, significantly reduce serum cholesterol, and increase the blood supply of glomerular capillary filaments in the rat model of minimal change nephropathy, and also significantly reduce scrotal edema and ascites. , the diet and mental state of the animals in the administration group were also better than those in the control group; astragaloside IV could significantly reduce the amount of protein in urine; pathological observation also proved that the lesions in the astragaloside IV group were alleviated, and this inhibitory effect on nephritis may be related to the Astragaloside IV enhances metabolism and improves systemic nutritional status. Astragaloside IV can alleviate renal lesions in spontaneous lupus mice through immunomodulatory effects.


7. Hepatoprotective effect.

Astragaloside IV can protect the liver and prevent the reduction of liver glycogen. Two kinds of astragalosides, ASI and SK, can resist the liver injury caused by D-galactosamine and acetaminophen. Astragaloside is an effective component of Astragalus against liver poisoning injury, and its mechanism is related to metabolic regulation besides anti-oxidation. Another study suggests that astragaloside IV has a certain effect on preventing liver fibrosis.


8. Effects on the central nervous system.

Subcutaneous injection of astragaloside IV in mice maintained sedation for several hours. Mice drinking 30% astragaloside IV for 15 days can enhance the learning and memory of mice. Experiments show that astragaloside IV is beneficial to the storage of information in the brain of mice.


9.Effects on smooth muscle.

5% and 10% astragaloside IV can significantly increase the intestinal tension, slow down the peristalsis and increase the amplitude of the canine and cat in vivo; it has inhibitory effects on the isolated intestine and uterus. Astragaloside IV can reduce the tension of isolated guinea pig ileum.


10. Hormone-like effects.

Astragalus lactones and astragalus sterols in astragaloside IV had no significant effect on the body weight of rats, mice, levator ani muscle or kidneys, indicating no anabolic or androgenic effects.


11. Antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor effects.

Astragaloside IV has obvious antagonism to tuberculosis infection; it has been found that other components such as amino acids, alkaloids, flavonoids, etc. have significant anti-follicular stomatitis virus effects. Animal and transgenic cell experiments showed that astragaloside IV injection had a certain blocking effect on the infection process of epidemic hemorrhagic fever and virus (EHFV) in mice. Astragaloside IV against Shigella Shigella, Bacillus anthracis, α-Streptococcus sanguinis, Streptococcus sanguis, Bacillus diphtheriae, Bacillus pseudodiphtheria, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus citrate, Staphylococcus albus and Bacillus subtilis in vitro Bacillus, etc. have antibacterial effect.

99% Natural Astragalus Root Extract Powder Astragaloside IV CAS 84687-43-4 2


1. Astragaloside IV is applied in feed field, atragalus root extract powder used as additives to promote growing;


2. Astragaloside IV is applied in health food field, atragalus root extract powder used to enhance body immunity;


3. Astragaloside IV is applied in cosmetic field, atragalus root extract powder used to anti-aging.

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