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Food Grade Beverage Pineapple Fruit Powder For Weight Loss

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg Price : $24/kg~$100/kg
Packaging Details : 1kg: Sealed aluminum foil bags/25kg Paper Drum Delivery Time : 3 Days
Payment Terms : L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T Supply Ability : 10Ton/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: HongdaPharma
Certification: ISO22000/KOSHER/HALAL/BRC Model Number: HC-220

Detail Information

Product Name: Pineapple Fruit Powder Appearance: Powder
Color: Light Yellow Shelf Life: 2 Year
Particle Size: 80 Mesh Grade Standard: Food Grade
Latin Name: Ananas Comosus (Linn.) Merr
High Light:

Food Grade Pineapple Fruit Powder


Beverage Organic Pineapple Powder

Product Description

Natural Organic Beverage Ingredients Pineapple Fruit Powder Weight Loss


Items Specification Results
Aspect Fine Powder Conforms
Color Light yellow Conforms
Odor Characteristic Conforms
Mesh size 100% pass through 80 mesh Conforms
Loss on drying(5g/105°C/2hrs) <10.0% Conforms
Heavy Metals <20ppm Conforms
Arsenic(As) <0.3ppm Conforms
Lead (Pb) <0.5ppm Conforms
Mercury(HG) <0.3ppm Conforms
Total aerobic count <10000cfu/gram Conforms
Total Yeast & Mold <100cfu/gram Conforms
Bile-Tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria <100cfu/gram Conforms
Salmonella Negative Conforms
E.Coli Negative Conforms
S.Aureus Negative Conforms


Product description:

Pineapples are packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are especially rich in vitamin C and manganese. Vitamin C is essential for growth and development, and it is important for tissue repair and wound healing. Meanwhile, manganese is a naturally occurring mineral that aids growth, maintains a healthy metabolism, and has antioxidant properties. Pineapple Juice Powder is made from Pineapple concentrated juice with a special process and sprays dry technology. The powder is fine, free-flowing, and yellow in color, with very good solubility in water.

Food Grade Beverage Pineapple Fruit Powder For Weight Loss 0

Benefits of pineapple

1. Lose weight

Pineapple contains almost all the vitamins the human body needs, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption. The secret of pineapple weight loss lies in its rich juice, which can effectively acidify fat and can effectively match pineapple or drink pineapple juice in food every day, but avoid excessive or unprocessed raw pineapple. Stimulates the oral mucosa; second, it is easy to cause the production of bromelain, and people allergic to this protease will experience symptoms such as itchy skin.


2. Clean up the stomach

Bromelain can effectively decompose protein in food and increase gastrointestinal motility.


3. Beauty

Rich vitamin B can effectively nourish the skin, prevent dry and cracked skin, moisturize the hair, and at the same time can eliminate the tension of the body and enhance the immunity of the body; promote blood circulation enzymes, which can reduce blood pressure, dilute blood lipids, eat pineapple, can prevent fat deposition.


4. Promotes Digestion

Eating more pineapples can absorb a lot of pineapple enzymes and acidic components. These substances can promote the secretion of digestive juices and speed up the digestion and absorption of food in the body by the stomach. Relief and conditioning.


5. Cool down and quench thirst

Pineapple is a fruit that contains a lot of fruit juice and is also rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C and inorganic salts. After eating it, people can not only absorb many essential nutrients for the body but also can relieve summer heat and quench thirst. It is especially suitable for people in summer. Eating it can relieve heat and polydipsia and prevent the occurrence of heatstroke symptoms.


6. Prevent blood clots

People eating more pineapples can prevent the occurrence of blood clots. The bromelain contained in it can decompose fibrin and protein clots in the body, dilute the blood, reduce blood viscosity, and thus reduce the formation of blood clots. In addition to these, eating more pineapples can also reduce swelling and prevent obesity.

Food Grade Beverage Pineapple Fruit Powder For Weight Loss 1


1. Baked goods: pineapple bread, cakes, pineapple fillings, pineapple jam, moon cakes, biscuits, potato chips, all kinds of cakes.

2. Health and leisure food: health products, ice cream, candy, chocolate, buccal tablets, chewing gum, milk tea, etc.

3. Beverages and food: yogurt, milk beverages, noodles, flavored soy milk, pineapple solid beverages.

4. Daily chemical and pharmaceutical industry: skincare products, beauty products, cosmetic products, tablets, capsules, granules.

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