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Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC

Minimum Order Quantity : 25KGS Packaging Details : 25KGS/DRUM
Delivery Time : 5-8 work days Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability : 50MT/MONTH
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: HONGDAPHARMA
Certification: ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, BRC Model Number: Bitter Melon Extract

Detail Information

Product Name: Bitter Melon Extract Other Name: 10% Charantin By HPLC
Color: Brown Yellow Powder Sample: Free 10grams
Spec: 10%-20% Charantin Other Specs: 80mesh
Pakage: 25KGS/DRUM Grade: Food , Health-care
Purity: 100% Stock: Available
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Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract


Bitter Melon Extract Powder


Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin

Product Description

Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin by HPLC

Momordica charantia extract is Momordica charantia MomordicacharantiaL. The fruit extract contains balsam pear glycoside (Charantin, is the molecular mixture of β-sitosterol-β-glucoside and 5,25-dosterenol -3-glucoside), it also contains niacin, 5-hydroxytryptamine, various vitamins and various amino acids, etc. It has pharmacological activities such as Chemicalbook-lowering blood sugar, anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-fertility, enhancing immunity, etc. The hypoglycemic effect of balsam pear extract has attracted much attention and has been deeply studied and widely used in Asian countries such as India, China and Japan. In medicine, balsam pear extract has been applied to the treatment of diabetes and AIDS. This information is edited and organized by Chemicalbook Shi Yan.

Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 0


Bitter Melon Extract has good hypoglycemic effect, known as plant insulin. Full component extract, used for type 2 diabetes three times a day, 2g each time, can maintain the normal level of blood sugar, because it is extracted from plants, so compared with Western medicine hypoglycemic drugs, it has no toxic or side effects.


Bitter Melon Latin scientific name: Momordica Charantia Linn.
Chinese name: balsam pear
Department: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: balsam pear
Use part: fruit
The plant Bitter Melon belongs to Cucurbitaceae and is known in the name of Bitter Melon. Momordica charantia grows in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of East Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South America, where Momordica charantia is both food and medicine.


The fruit of this plant is the same as its name-it tastes bitter. Although the seeds, leaves and vines of balsam pear can be used, its fruits are the safest and most widely used medicinal parts of the plant. The juice of its leaves and fruits or seeds are used as insect repellent; In Brazil, the dose of it as insect repellent is 2 to 3 seeds. The immature fruit of balsam pear is more bitter because it contains balsam pear bitter. Momordica sorbitin is mainly composed of a variety of triterpenes, including Momordica sorbitin A- E,K,L and momardicius I, II and III. Roots and fruits are used as abortion drugs.


Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin by HPLC:

English name: Bitter Melon Extract
Specs: 10:1 20:1 10%-20%Charantin:
Appearance: brown powder
Extraction Source: Fruit.
Detection method: Thin layer chromatography/HPLC
Packaging: aluminum foil bag or cardboard barrel
Shelf life: 2 4 monthes

Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 1


Appearance: Brown powder
Free sample 10g
Other types of freeze dried Powder: Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin by HPLC
Standard USP, EP, BP, CP, JP


Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 2

Active ingredients of Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin by HPLC:

Main components and properties the components extracted from fruits include plant insulin (Plantinsulin), plant protein (composed of 17 kinds of amino acids), balsam pear brain glycoside (Momor-cerebroside), soybean brain glycosides (Soyacerebroside), MomordicosideF1 (Charantin), Uracil (Uracil),U-sitosterol (U-sitosterol), MomordicosideF1, G, I(MomordicosideF1, G, I), carrot sterol (Daucoste-rol). The Chemicalbook components extracted from seeds include balsam pear glycoside A, B, C, D(MomordicosideA, B, C, D), balsam pear lectin (Momordicacharantialectin), balsam pear inhibitor (Momordicacharantiainhibitor), ribosomal inactivated protein (Ribosomeinactivatingprotein), broad bean glycoside (Vicine), trehalose (Mycose), amino acid, MAP30(MomordicaAnti-HIVProteinof30KD),P protein, etc.

1. Insulin (Insulin): protein sex hormone secreted by mammalian islet β cells, and the molecule contains two peptide chains connected by disulfide bonds. Crystalline Insulin also contains a small amount of heavy metal elements such as zinc, nickel, cobalt, etc.

2. Vicine: Different-name Chaocai glycoside. Molecular formula C10H16N4O7, molecular weight 304.Chemicalbook26. Colorless needle crystals (water),mp.248℃ ~ 250℃ (decomposition),[α]D25-17 °(C = 1.12, water). 1g is soluble in about 100ml water, slightly soluble in ethanol, and can dissolve rapidly in dilute acid or dilute alkali solution.

3. Trehalose (Mycose)mp.97 ℃ (water content),210 ℃ (water content).

4. Balsam Pear brain glycoside (Momor-cerebroside): chemical name 8(E)-N-(2'-D-hydroxy-didecane acyl)-1-o-β-d-glucopyranosinyl -8-ene-octadecsphingosine (8[E]-N-[2'-hydroxy-tetracosyl]-β). Molecular Chemicalbook C48H93O10N, molecular weight 843. White crystalline powder (90% ethanol),mp.143℃ ~ 145℃.

5. Soybean brain glycosides (Soya-cerebroside): chemical name 4[E],8[E]-N-[2'-D-hydroxy-hexane acyl]-1-o-β-D-glucopyranoside -4,8-diene -18 sphingosine. White crystalline powder (90% ethanol),mp.180℃ ~ 182 ℃.

Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 3


Functions of Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin by HPLC:

1.Anti-diabetes effect
Momordica charantia contains saponins such as Momordica charantia, insulin-like peptides and alkaloids, which endow Momordica charantia with hypoglycemic activity. Momordicin stimulates the release of insulin and hinders the formation of glucose in blood flow. This function may play a huge role in the treatment of diabetes, especially non-insulin dependent diabetes. The hypoglycemic function is attributed to two substances:(1) momordicin-a crystalline substance obtained from ethanol extract of Momordica charantia fruit. Momordicin reduced the blood sugar of 42% of the total number of rabbits in the experiment under the condition of controlling the dose of 50 mg/kg. Momordicin shows the effect of pancreas and outer pancreas, and has slight antispasmodic and anticholinergic effects. (2)P-insulin (or v-insulin because it is plant insulin). It is structurally macromolecule polypeptide configuration, while pharmacology is similar to bovine insulin. P-insulin consists of two peptide chains linked by disulfide bonds. It has hypoglycemic effect on subcutaneous and muscular administration of P-insulin in diabetic patients, and its peak period is different from that of bovine insulin after 2 hours, appearing after 4-8 hours.


2.Antiviral function and others
Balsam Pear standard extract has been proved to be effective for psoriasis, susceptibility caused by cancer, pain caused by neurological complications, and may delay the onset of cataract or retinopathy and inhibit HIV by destroying filtered poisonous bacteria DNA. Its anti-cancer characteristics are partly due to its enhancement of immune function. Studies have shown that Momordica charantia extract inhibits lymphocyte proliferation and the activity of macrophages and lymphocytes.

Flowchart of Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin by HPLC:

Wash 150kg of fresh Momordica charantia, remove seeds and juice it into pulp, squeeze and filter it with 20 mesh filter cloth, let it stand at 0 ~-5℃ for 12 hours, siphon out the supernatant, then the liquid medicine of Momordica charantia extract is about 90L, store at 0 ~-5℃ for later use. Take 20L of the reserve balsam pear extract liquid medicine through the 500ml large-hole resin adsorption column which has been pretreated and filled, and control the outflow speed to 3L/h to collect the outflow liquid. When the volume of the effluent reaches 12L, try the flavor of the effluent every 20 minutes. The result shows that when the volume of the effluent is about 16L, there is no bitter taste. When the volume of the effluent is 17L, there Chemicalbook a slight bitter taste, while when the volume of the effluent is 18L, there is obvious bitter taste. Considering the influence of various conditions comprehensively, the ratio of liquid medicine to resin in the adsorption process is determined as follows: liquid medicine: resin = 30:l(v/v), and the speed of effluent is 3L/h. Take 30L of the reserve balsam pear extract solution, and collect the effluent through the pretreated and filled 1000ml large-hole resin adsorption column according to the above adsorption conditions. The whole adsorption process takes about 10 hours. Then spray and dry the collected effluent to obtain 215g light yellow powder, which is balsam pear extract. The powder has no bitter taste and is warm.


Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 4

Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 5

Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 6Healthcare Grade Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin Powder By HPLC 7


Bitter Melon Extract 10% Charantin by HPLC:

Pharmacological effects

1. Hypoglycemic effect after injecting balsam pear extract to normal or alloxan diabetic rabbits, blood sugar can be significantly reduced, and subcutaneous injection of anterior pituitary extract can cause hyperglycemia in rats, the water extract of balsam pear juice can also reduce blood sugar. Balsam Pear glycoside can also reduce blood sugar after being taken to rabbits, and its mode of action is similar and strong to that of toluene transbutylurea, which reduces blood sugar by stimulating pancreatic β-cells to release insulin. For cats with removed pancreas, the hypoglycemic effect has not completely disappeared, so its hypoglycemic action includes two factors: Pancreas and non-pancreas.

2. Anti-fertility effect a Chemicalbook peptide chain plant protein proposed from balsam pear can inhibit the development of male mouse sperm and has remarkable anti-fertility activity with an effective rate of more than 88%.

3. Abortion effect both α-balsam pear and β-balsam pear in balsam pear extract can cause early and middle abortion of pregnant mice, because α-balsam pear may mainly have toxic effects on trophoblast cells. Β-momordicin has inhibitory effect on the biosynthesis activity of cultured endoderm cells in vitro, and the cell binding rates of 3H-uracil, 3H-thymine and 3H-leucine are obviously reduced, perhaps the abortion effect of β-balsam pear on early pregnant mice is caused by its inhibition of endoderm differentiation.

4. Anti-cancer effect the water extract of Momordica charantia 25-400 μg/ml has the effect of inhibiting the growth of rat prostate undifferentiated carcinoma cells, and 400 μg/ml can completely inhibit the growth of cancer cells; momordica charantia water extract also inhibits thymidine involvement in DNA; It is generally believed that the growth of cells, the synthesis of DNA and RNA are all related to the GMP system in cells, while the GMP cyclase activity in tumor tissues is higher than that in normal tissues, the ChemicalbookcGMP level of balsam pear water extract on normal prostate tissues, differentiated prostate cancer cells and undifferentiated prostate cancer cells can be reduced, which may be the mechanism of its anti-cancer effect. Momordin50μg/kg in Momordica charantia seeds can completely inhibit the growth of mouse Ethereum ascites cancer.

5. Influence on immune function Momordica charantia extract has obvious enhancement effect on non-specific immune function of mice. The serum hemagglutination antibody titers mainly reflect the specific humoral immune function. Momordica charantia juice and Momordica charantia extract can improve the serum hemagglutination antibody titers of mice, which indicates that Momordica charantia can promote the humoral immune function of mice.

6. Antibacterial effect the ethanol extract of Momordica charantia has antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, dysentery bacillus, Proteus, pneumonia Bacillus, aerogenic Bacillus, typhoid Bacillus, etc, it is a drug with broad-spectrum antibacterial effect.

7. Inhibition of HIV balsam pear extract can inhibit the surface active Chemicalbook of HIV, selectively kill lymphocytes and macrophages infected by HIV, and significantly increase the number of T4 cells in patients, t4/T8 ratio is relatively normal and is likely to become a new anti-AIDS drug. The type I inhibitor of balsam pear immunodeficiency virus (InhibitorofHIV-I) isolated from balsam pear kernel also has inhibitory effect on HIV.


Dosage: take 200-250mg daily to reduce the effect of diabetes.


1. Bitter cold caused by tumor, diabetes and AIDS. It has the effects of relieving summer heat, eliminating heat, improving eyesight and detoxifying. Clinically, balsam pear poison, balsam pear glycoside and effective ingredient extracts are mostly used to treat diabetes, anti-tumor, cancer and anti-HIV Chemicalbook research and treatment.

2. One fresh balsam pear with heatstroke and fever, cut off and remove it, add it into the tea, then join it, hang it in a ventilated place and dry it in the shade. 6~9g each time, Fry in water or soak in water instead of tea.

3. Mash a cup of dysentery fresh balsam pear juice and take it with boiled water.

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