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Natural Organic Centella Asiatica Extract 50% Asiaticoside Powder For Skin Care

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg Price : $24/kg~$100/kg
Packaging Details : 1kg: Sealed aluminum foil bags/25kg Paper Drum Delivery Time : 3 Days
Payment Terms : L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T Supply Ability : 10Ton/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: HongdaPharma
Certification: ISO22000/KOSHER/HALAL/BRC Model Number: HC-193

Detail Information

Product Name: Centella Asiatica Extract Appearance: Powder
Another Name: Gotu Kola Extract Color: Light Yellow To White
Source: Whole Plant Latin Name: Centella Asiatica (L.) Urban
Shelf Life: 2 Year
High Light:

Organic Centella Asiatica Powder


50% Natural Asiaticoside Powder


Centella Asiaticoside Powder For Skin Care

Product Description

Pure Natural Skin Care Organic Centella Asiatica Extract 50%-90% Asiaticoside


Product Name: Hydrocotyle Asiatica extract
Assay: 10%~95%
CAS No: 16830-15-2
Plant source: Centella asiatica (L.) Urb.
Extract part: Dried whole plant
Extract from: Powder
Extract type: Purified & Titrated extract


Plant description:

Centella Asiatica, the dried whole grass of Centella Asiatica, was first recorded in the "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" and listed as a middle grade. It has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, detoxifying, and reducing swelling. Treatment of bruises, skin diseases, etc.


The main active ingredients in Centella Asiatica extract that can be used in cosmetics are Asiatic acid, madecassic acid, madecassoside, and madecassoside, madecassoside is a triterpenoid saponin of Centella Asiatica It is one of the active ingredients with the highest proportion, accounting for about 30% of the total glycosides of Centella Asiatica.

Natural Organic Centella Asiatica Extract 50% Asiaticoside Powder For Skin Care 0

01. Antibacterial

Centella Asiatica extract contains Asiatic acid and madecassolic acid, these active saponins will acidify the cytoplasm in plant cells, this antibacterial activity can protect the plant itself against mold and yeast attack, experiments show that Centella Asiatica The extract has a certain inhibitory effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Propionibacterium acnes.


02. Anti-inflammatory

Centella Asiatica total glycosides have obvious anti-inflammatory effects: reduce the production of pro-inflammatory mediators (L-1, MMP-1), improve and repair the skin's own barrier function, thereby preventing and correcting skin immune dysfunction.

03. Healing wounds and scars

This effect of Centella Asiatica is widely used in the clinical treatment of dermatology.

Madecassoside and madecassoside are the active ingredients of Centella Asiatica in the treatment of burn healing wounds. They can promote collagen synthesis and angiogenesis in the body, and stimulate granulation growth and other important roles, so they are beneficial to wound healing.


At the same time, asiaticoside has a proliferation effect on epidermal keratinocytes and vascular endothelial cells and has an inhibitory effect on fibroblasts, thereby promoting the formation of granulation tissue in the early stage of wound healing, and inhibiting scar formation in the late stage of wound healing. effect.


Finally, at a certain concentration, asiaticoside can promote the synthesis of KGF-2 mRNA in vascular endothelial cells, thereby exerting the effect of KGF-2 to promote the proliferation, differentiation, and chemotaxis of keratinocytes, promote wound healing, and indirectly promote the formation of granulation tissue. the effect, forming a virtuous cycle of wound healing.

Natural Organic Centella Asiatica Extract 50% Asiaticoside Powder For Skin Care 1

04. Anti-aging

Centella Asiatica extract can promote the synthesis of collagen I and III, as well as the secretion of mucopolysaccharides (such as the synthesis of sodium hyaluronate), increase the skin's water retention, activate and renew skin cells, soothe, enhance and improve the skin. Glossy.


On the other hand, the DNA sequence test found that Centella Asiatica extract also activates fibroblast genes, which can enhance the vitality of skin basal cells, maintain skin elasticity and firmness, and smooth fine facial wrinkles. Some studies have shown that the combination of 0.1% madecassoside and 5% vitamin C can effectively improve skin aging.


05. Antioxidant

Asiaticoside, madecassoic acid, and madecassoic acid all have obvious antioxidant activities. The results of animal experiments show that madecassoside can induce local superoxide dismutase, glutathione, and peroxidase in wounds in the early stage of wound healing. The levels of antioxidants such as catalase, VitChing, and Vito were significantly increased, and the level of lipid peroxides in the wound was reduced by 7 times.


In addition, asiaticoside is also a good blocking agent for inducing apoptosis. Reducing the concentration of oxygen free radicals in tissue cells, has obvious biological effects on the apoptosis-inducing group on tissue cells.


06. Whitening

Asiaticoside can inhibit tyrosinase activity in a dose-dependent manner, and 4μg/ml asiaticoside inhibits tyrosinase by 4%. The effect of asiaticoside cream on pigmentation was significantly better than that of hydroquinone cream, and the incidence of adverse reactions was significantly lower than that of the latter, but the onset time was slightly slower than that of the latter.


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