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Cosmetic Grade Gotu Kola Centella Asiatica Extract Powder 80 Mesh

Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg Price : $24/kg~$100/kg
Packaging Details : 1kg: Sealed aluminum foil bags/25kg Paper Drum Delivery Time : 3 Days
Payment Terms : L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T Supply Ability : 10Ton/Month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: HongdaPharma
Certification: ISO22000/KOSHER/HALAL/BRC Model Number: HC-252

Detail Information

Product Name: Centella Asiatica Extract Appearance: Powder
Color: Brown Yellow To White Shelf Life: 2 Year
Particle Size: 80 Mesh Grade Standard: Cosmetic Grade
Latin Name: Centella Asiatica (L.) Urban
High Light:

80 Mesh Centella Asiatica Extract Powder


Gotu Kola Centella Asiatica Extract Powder


Cosmetic Grade Asiaticoside Powder

Product Description

Factory Supply Centella Asiatica Extract Pure Natural Gotu Kola Extract Powder


Certificate Of Analysis

Product Name Centella Asiatica Extract
Latin Name Centella Asiatica (L.) Urban
Plant Part Leaf
Type of extraction Water
Appearance Brown Yellow to White
Odor Characteristic
Taste Characteristic
Sieve Analysis 100% pass 80 mesh
Moisture Content NMT 5.0%
Arsenic (As) NMT 2ppm
Cadmium(Cd) NMT 1ppm
Lead (Pb) NMT 2ppm
Mercury(Hg) NMT 0.1ppm
Heavy Metals 20ppm max
Total Plate Count 10,000cfu/gMax
Salmonella Negative in 25 g
Yeast & Mold 1000cfu/gMax
Coliforms ≤30cfu/g
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative in 25 g

Product description:


Centella Asiatica (L.) Urban, also known as Lei Gonggen, is native to India and is now widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In my country, it is mainly distributed in the provinces south of the Yangtze River. Centella Asiatica has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in my country, and traditional Indian medicine also regards it as good medicine for healing wounds.

Cosmetics mainly use the dried whole grass of Centella Asiatica, and its main active ingredients are madecassoside, madecassoside, madecassoside, and madecassolic acid; among them, madecassoside and madecassoside belong to triterpenes Saponins, asiatic acid and madecassic acid are triterpene acid compounds; in addition, Centella Asiatica extract also has an important component TECA, which is a high-purity 3 terpenoids (Centella Asiatica) in Centella Asiatica extract. glycosides, asiatic acid, and madecassolic acid). These ingredients give Centella Asiatica extract scar repairing, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic skincare benefits.


Cosmetic Grade Gotu Kola Centella Asiatica Extract Powder 80 Mesh 0

Significantly increases the hydration level of the stratum corneum. This is mainly related to the triterpenoid saponin compounds in Centella Asiatica extract. Centella Asiatica triterpenoid saponin is a hydrophilic sugar chain, mainly glucose and rhamnose, which can combine with water in the occlusive layer and improve the epidermis. Barrier ability to enhance skin moisture.


Antibacterial anti-inflammatory
Centella Asiatica total glycosides have obvious anti-inflammatory effects: reduce the production of pro-inflammatory mediators (L-1, MMP-1), and improve and repair the skin's own barrier function, thereby preventing and correcting skin immune dysfunction.

Cosmetic Grade Gotu Kola Centella Asiatica Extract Powder 80 Mesh 1

Allergy relief
Centella Asiatica contains a variety of α-arosinol-type triterpenoids, which have calming and stabilizing effects. Adding it to skin care products can help calm the skin and relieve sensitivity. Helps repair damaged skin tissue.


Heal wounds and scars
Madecassoside and madecassoside are the active ingredients of Centella Asiatica in the treatment of burn healing wounds. They can promote collagen synthesis and angiogenesis in the body, and stimulate granulation growth and other important roles, so they are beneficial to wound healing.


Anti-aging effect
Centella Asiatica extract can promote the synthesis of collagen I and III, as well as the secretion of mucopolysaccharides (such as the synthesis of sodium hyaluronate), increase the skin's water retention, activate and renew skin cells, soothe, enhance and improve the skin. Glossy.


Whitening effect
Asiaticoside can inhibit tyrosinase activity in a dose-dependent manner, and 4μg/ml asiaticoside inhibits tyrosinase by 4%.


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